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Char Siu Pork Ala Carte Hawaiian Luau Food

Char Siu Pork from
Buy FRESH Char Siu Pork and Hawaiian food for your very own luau party. Our food items are never sitting in a freezer waiting to be purchased. Order now, we cook it now. Simply heat and serve.

This Chinese specialty food has been an adopted favorite of the Hawaiians for hundreds of years. You may recognize this as the pork found in fried rice. This pork is marinated for 24 hours in a tangy sauce. Prior to cooking the pink-colored char siu spices are added to give your meat a great taste and a festive color.

Preparation: Thaw in the refrigerator, microwave or under cold running water. For heating, use a double broiler or a chafing dish with sterno flames. Add a few teaspoons of water per pound of meat and steam for 15 to 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. If using a microwave, add a few teaspoons of water per pound of meat and heat for one and half minutes per pound, stirring occasionally. On the stove, add a few teaspoons of water per pound of meat and heat until warm, stirring occasionally. 45 day shelf life chilled and 6 months frozen.

Char Siu Pork 1 lb. Price: $13.60

See Available Shipping Dates Here. Frozen food ships via UPS Tuesdays and arrives chilled [no longer frozen] on Thursdays.

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