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Simply simmer leaves in coconut milk along with your choice of meats (beef, squid, pork, chicken or seafood) for a tantalizing dish. [See Luau Leaves nutrition info and details].

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Use cooked luau leaves in your favorite chicken, fish, squid or pork dish, as you would spinach. Add sweetened coconut milk and boil the leaves until they fall apart, add squid (or chicken, pork or beef) and make your own squid luau (or chicken, pork or beef), served at fine Hawaiian weddings.

Unfortunately, we cannot ship fresh luau leaves due to the fact that they wilt very fast. Shipping conditions are not suitable for the delicate luau leaf.

This food is a high in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Preparation: Keep frozen until ready for use. To make your own lau lau or squid/chicken luau dish, simply simmer leaves in coconut milk along with your choice of meats (beef, pork, chicken or seafood) and simmer until leaves fall apart for an island-style meal. Alternatively, use as you would frozen spinach. Re-freeze up to six months.

See Available Shipping Dates Here. Frozen food ships via UPS Tuesdays and arrives chilled [no longer frozen] on Thursdays.

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