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Lomi Salmon

Lomi Salmon from, your Hawaiian Food store

Our Lomi Salmon is freshly made, not sitting in the freezer awaiting purchase. Order now, we make it now!

This Hawaiian specialty contains salmon, white onion, green onion and finely chopped tomato in a lightly spiced sauce (it resembles salsa in appearance). Lomi Salmon is a common luau party side dish in Hawaii. However, eastcoast folks like it on tortilla chips!

Preparation: Lomi Salmon is best when served chilled. Keep refrigerated, 15 day shelf life chilled.

Lomi Salmon 14 oz. Price: $7.79 Quantity:  

Lomi Salmon 5 lb. Price: $35.99 Quantity:  

Today's Hawaiian food orders will ship on Tuesday 10/22/19 or any later available ship date. Orders ship on Tuesdays and arrive on Thursdays. Last order date of 2019 will be 12/10/19 - order early for the holidays. Mahalo!

Lomi Salmon shipped from Hawaii

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