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Lau Lau

Buy fresh Lau Lau from Hawaii Buy FRESH Lau Lau and Hawaiian foods for your very own luau party. Our Lau Laus are not sitting in the freezer awaiting purchase. Order now, we cook it now! Simply heat and serve.

Lau Lau are available in five variations. This delicious, ancient Hawaiian customary meal is taro leaf wrapped around butterfish (yes, the expensive, delicacy fish!) and your choice of chicken, pork or vegetables, then steamed until tender. It's the Hawaiian-style stuffed cabbage or tamale!

Our large size lau laus are 11 oz. to 14 oz.** each. ** Weights are precooked lau lau. The steaming process will make this product lighter after being cooked. Keep that in mind when ordering!

45 day shelf life chilled and 6 months frozen. Steaming is the suggested way to reheat. Use a standard steamer, a double boiler or chafing dishes with sterno flames (these seem to work the best for large quantities) and steam for 15-20 minutes.

If you are unable to steam, place in the microwave with moistened paper towels. Heat in batches and in small increments of time. One lau lau usually takes 2-3 minutes in total. 

Chicken Lau Lau

Chicken and butterfish wrapped in taro leaves. 11 oz. each. Sold in tray of 3. Price: $20.55 ($6.85 each)

Combo Pork and Chicken Lau Lau

Pork, chicken, pork fat and butterfish wrapped in taro leaves. 14 oz. each.Sold in tray of 2. Price: $13.70 ($6.85 each)

Pork Lau Lau

Pork, butterfish and pork fat wrapped in taro leaves. 11 oz. each. Sold in tray of 3. Price: $20.55 ($6.85 each).

Pork with Vegetable Lau Lau

Pork, butterfish, sweet potato, pork fat, mushroom, carrot and string bean wrapped in taro leaves. 14 oz. each. Sold in tray of 2. Price: $13.70 ($6.85 each).

Vegetable Lau Lau

Sweet potato, carrot, mushroom and string bean in taro leaves. 14 oz. each. Sold in tray of 2. Price: $13.70 ($6.85 each).

See Available Shipping Dates Here. Frozen food ships via UPS Tuesdays and arrives chilled [no longer frozen] on Thursdays.

Nutritional Information
Food Name Pork
Lau Lau
Lau Lau
Vegetable Lau Lau
Serving Size One
Lau Lau
Lau Lau
Lau Lau
Calories Per Serving 320 260 130
Calories From Fat 230 187 0
Total Fat 26g 21g 0
Saturated Fat 9g 6g 0
Total Carbohydrate 5g 1g 26g
Dietary Fiber 8g 8g 6g
Sugars 0 0 0
Protein 17g 18g 6g
Vitamin A 140% 145% 145%
Vitamin B - - -
Vitamin C 3% 2% 0
Vitamin D - - -
Niacin - - -
Calcium 17% 16% 6%
Iron 17 % 16% 7%
Magnesium - - -
Zinc - - -
Phosphorus - - -
Potassium - - -
Sodium 980mg 1,010mg 80mg
Cholesterol 90mg - 0

Ono Lau Lau, is the Hawaii version of stuffed cabbage

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