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8 Real Coconut Cups - Free Shipping via USPS - Product Image
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8 Real Coconut Cups - Free Shipping via USPS

8 coconut cups ready to finish included in order. Call it what you want: Traditional kava coconut shell kava cup, or kava bilo or grog coconut cup. Our coconut cups are natural products, free from any chemical treatments. Cups may have variations in finish since they are made from real coconuts. 3.5-4.5 inches tall holds 9-12 oz. Can be painted or engraved. Not cured/waterproofed yet. Handwash only.


**DO NOT USE for liquids unless you cure it. This may cause the cup to crack and we cannot provide refunds for this!
See Directions for Curing Here!


To Paint: Prepare surface by cleaning and sanding if necessary. Allow to dry. Because of the ease of clean up and availability of a wide variety of products, we use acrylic based paint, acrylic clear top coat to seal and protect and finally permanent markers to add detail. You may use lacquer based if you like, just make sure that all products are the same type - either all acrylic or all lacquer.

Price: $50.00 

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mail hand painted coconuts
Mail hand painted coconuts
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