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Paradise Multimedia's Hawaiian Food & 1st Luau Since 1996, we ship freshly made Hawaiian Food from Hawaii to the mainland.

Today's Hawaiian food orders will ship on Tuesday 10/22/19 or any later available ship date. Orders ship on Tuesdays and arrive on Thursdays. Last order date of 2019 will be 12/10/19 - order early for the holidays. Mahalo!

STEP ONE: Pick your Tuesday Ship Date [packages arrive on Thursdays]. Last order date of 2019 will be 12/10/19 - order early for your holiday meals!
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Char Siu Pork

Char Siu Pork from This Chinese specialty food has been an adopted favorite of the Hawaiians for hundreds of years. You may recognize this as the pork found in fried rice. This pork is marinated for 24 hours in a tangy sauce. Prior to cooking the pink-colored char siu spices are added to give your meat a great taste and a festive color. 45 day shelf life chilled and six months frozen. [See more info]

Char Siu Pork 1 lb. Price: $10.59

Kalua Pork, Kalua Turkey, Kalua Chicken

Kalua style meats available in pork, chicken and turkey Kalua-style means that food is cooked for long hours wrapped inside banana, ti or luau leaves. The long cooking time thoroughly saturates the meat with our special spices and guarantees a tender, juicy meal.

This is the meat served at traditional luau celebrations and weddings in Pacific Islands. 45 day shelf life chilled and six months frozen. [See nutrition info and details].

Kalua Chicken

12 oz. Price: $9.99

Kalua Chicken

5 lb. Price: $54.99

Kalua Pork

12 oz. Price: $9.99

Kalua Pork

5 lb. Price: $54.99

Kalua Turkey

12 oz. Price: $9.99

Kalua Turkey

5 lb. Price: $54.99

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Lau Lau

Fresh Lau Lau from Hawaii Luau leaves wrapped around butterfish and your choice of chicken, pork or vegetables, steamed until tender. It's the Hawaiian version of stuffed cabbage.

Our large size lau laus are 11 oz. to 14 oz.** each. ** Weights are precooked lau lau. The steaming process will make this product lighter after being cooked. Keep that in mind when ordering!

45 day shelf life chilled and six months frozen. [See Lau Lau nutrition info and details].

Chicken Lau Lau

Chicken and butterfish wrapped in taro leaves. 11 oz. each. Sold in tray of 3. Price: $15.75 ($5.25 each)

Combo Pork and Chicken Lau Lau

Pork, chicken, pork fat and butterfish wrapped in taro leaves. 14 oz. each. Sold in tray of 2. Price: $10.50 ($5.25 each)

Pork Lau Lau

Pork, butterfish and pork fat wrapped in taro leaves. 11 oz. each. Sold in tray of 3. Price: $15.75 ($5.25 each).

Pork with Vegetable Lau Lau

Pork, butterfish, sweet potato, pork fat, mushroom, carrot and string bean wrapped in taro leaves. 14 oz. each. Sold in tray of 2. Price: $10.50 ($5.25 each)

Vegetable Lau Lau

Sweet potato, carrot, mushroom and string bean in taro leaves. 14 oz. each. Sold in tray of 2. Price: $10.50 ($5.25 each)

Kukui Nut Leis

Leis of Polished Kukui Nuts The Hawaiian custom is to greet each visitor to your party with a kiss on the cheek and a lei. The kukui nut is polished and shiny black in color. This gift will last a lifetime. Leis may ship separately.

Lei Price each: $12.99

Lomi Salmon

Lomi Salmon from, your Hawaiian Food storeThis Hawaiian specialty contains salmon, white onion, green onion and finely chopped tomato in a light, semi-spiced sauce. Lomi Salmon is best when served chilled. Lomi Salmon has a 15 day shelf life in the refrigerator. [See Lomi Salmon nutrition info and details].

Lomi Salmon 14 oz. Price: $7.79 Quantity:  

Lomi Salmon 5 lb. Price: $35.99 Quantity:  

Cooked Luau Leaves 1.5 lb.

Buy Frozen Luau Leaves shipped via UPS
Simply simmer leaves in coconut milk along with your choice of meats (beef, squid, pork, chicken or seafood) for a tantalizing dish. [See Luau Leaves nutrition info and details].

Luau Leaves 1.5 lb. Price: $8.99 Quantity:  


Fresh poi from order hawaiian Our freshly made poi is frozen just before we ship to you, in order to stop the fermentation process. If you prefer us not to freeze your poi, just let us know in the comments section when ordering.

The staple starch of the traditional Hawaiian diet, is made from taro, an ancient root crop grown throughout the Tropics. Early Hawaiians not only used the taro plant for food, but also utilized the various parts for medicinal purposes; treating ailments ranging from insect bites and fevers to heart problems and stomach disorders. Poi may be frozen up to six months. [See Poi nutrition info and details].

Poi 1 lb. Price: $10.99 Quantity:  

Poi 3.5 lb. Sale Price: $34.99 Quantity:  

Portuguese Sausage

Fresh portuguese sausage from order hawaiian Gluten Free! [Ono Ono Brand] - if you've ever visited the Hawaiian Islands, you're sure to remember this spicy treat. Adds a ton of flavor to your favorite chili recipe as well. [See Portuguese Sausage nutrition info and details].

Mild Sausage 10 oz. Price: $5.29 Quantity:  

Hot Sausage 10 oz. Price: $5.29 Quantity:  

BIG SALE! Get the Big 10 Pack! Portuguese Sausage 10 Pack

Sale Price: $44.99 
choose Mild or Hot: Quantity:  

6 Real Coconut Cups

Ready to use or paint. Price $29.99 includes domestic US shipping via USPS!

Coconut cups hold approximately 9-12 oz. Paint them if using for liquid, as this will waterproof the coconut shell. Use them for drinks, pen holders, trophies, making candles, making crafts and more. [See more info]

See custom hand painted coconut cups at Coconut Greetings


15 Ready to Paint Coconut Half Shells

Real coconut cups and to drink or decorate! $29.99 including shipping via USPS! [more info]

See more custom hand painted coconut shells at Coconut Greetings


Must Have Coconuts Customized and hand-painted Coconuts

Used for invitations, trophies, gifts and even centerpieces.
Visit for painted coconuts

Painted Coconuts

#COOL: a painted coconut with YOUR MESSAGE! Get one today.

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