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Luau Package for 4

This package deal includes:
3 Chicken Lau Lau
1 1/2 lb. Kalua Pork (or get chicken/turkey by using pulldown menu)
1 lb. Chinese-style Roasted Char Siu Pork (appetizer)
2 Portuguese Sausages
14 oz. Lomi Salmon
1 lb. Poi




SKU Number: package4
Price: $75.99 
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Luau Package for 10

Feel free to substitute different variations of product for total alloted amounts over 9. For instance, split 3 Pork and 6 Chicken Lau Lau for total amount of 9. Please use tray totals. Chicken, Combo and Pork Lau Lau sell in trays of 3. Vegetable Lau Lau and Pork with Vegetable Lau Lau sell in trays of 2. When ordering just specify substitutions in the COMMENTS section. If we have questions, we'll contact you!

This package deal includes:
9 Chicken Lau Lau
3 lb. Kalua Pork (or chicken/turkey)
2 lb. Chinese-style Roasted Char Siu Pork (appetizer)
4 Portuguese Sausages
1 3/4 lb. Lomi Salmon
2 lb. Poi

SKU Number: package10
Price: $169.99 
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Luau Package for 20

This package can serve 20-25 people and includes:
21 Chicken Lau Lau
6 lbs. Kalua Pork (or chicken/turkey)
4 lbs. Roasted Char Siu Pork (appetizer)
8 Portuguese Sausages - Mild
3.5 lbs. Lomi Salmon
3.5 lbs. Poi

SKU Number: package20
Price: $329.99 
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Luau Package for 30

This package deal can serve 30-35 people and includes:
30 Chicken Lau Lau
10 lb. Kalua Pork (or chicken/turkey)
6 lb. Roasted Char Siu Pork (appetizer)
12 Portuguese Sausages
6 lb. Lomi Salmon
7 lb. Poi

SKU Number: package30
Price: $489.99 
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$25 Gift Certificate

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