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Affiliate and Commercial Program Information

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We encourage you to join our affiliate program, currently offering 8% commission on orders received with mention of your Affiliate ID. You do not need a web site to be an affiliate. If you do have a web site, it is easy to link to our site. We'll send instructions once you're approved. Commission checks are generated once your commission totals $150.00 or more.

Step 1: Apply using the Online Application
Step 2: Sign and submit an W9 Form (.PDF) - corporations disregard
Step 3: Once all documents are received, we review your application. If approved, we set up your account
Step 4: Include a link on your site with the Required URL to place orders
Step 5: Start making money

Once you are approved for our program, use the Required URL code we supply to generate links from your site to ours. The Required URL code will generate a field identifying the purchaser as a referral from you or your web site. This field is required to match your identification in our records in order to generate commission. Just use the code we supply and the system is fool proof. Track your commission by accessing your current reports which are updated monthly. See Current Report Demo.
Please note: It is not possible to track orders that are placed over the phone with follow up submission of payment, unless the customer states your affiliate name during our phone call.

Guidelines For Approval
We encourage all interested companies and with and without web sites to apply to our program. However, before you can participate in our program, we will need to approve your site, if you will be using one for sales. Mainly we look for sites that are aesthetically pleasing and do not display content that may be deemed pornographic or offensive. If you do not have a web site this does not apply.

These are only general guidelines, and we reserve the right to make exceptions. Please note that if you fail to meet the terms of our agreement we may remove you at any time.

9-4 EST Monday-Thursday and 9-12 Friday   |   |   888-441-5828

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